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☆GhanaChats is a new premium dating website running on a free trial for a limited time.


Create a Profile

Create a Profile

Start filling in the info requested in the 4 steps and upload an actual photo of yourself (your picture shows up in search results so using your actual picture increases your chances of people taking you seriously). It takes only a few minutes.

Step 4: If you prefer to finish the profile details later, you can skip over most of the details in Step 4.

When you look at other profiles, you want them to be complete, right? And the other members also want to know more about you when they browse your profile. So take your time and do it completely and accurately.( Our algorithm uses detailed profile to find you matches.We advise you fill out all spaces completely )

Most important, besides having good images, is to write a good description of yourself.

An email confirming your membership would be sent to your email address; follow the link to confirm your profile on



Browse Profiles

Browse Profiles

Immediately after you have finished your profile, you can browse other members´ profiles.

Until you upload at least one photo to your profile , you cannot browse profiles or contact anyone yet, and you are invisible to other members. 

As soon as your profile picture is uploaded, you will be able to use all of the features:

  • Easy search feature with the results showing profiles of your matches, their names,age and location.
  • Browse as many profiles as you want.
  • Contact other members
  • Play games
  • Street Chat
  • Join Chat rooms on tablet and Pc to chat on general issues
  • Enter our 3d lounges and experience a location based virtual environment, meet other users and enjoy the experience



Connect with Members

Connect with Members

The built-in message system keeps you in touch with other members. It is custom-made for dating. You get a well-organized overview of anyone who has sent you messages.

♡ Likes: Helps you to see people who have liked your profile based on your description 

♡ Favourites: Helps you know the number of people you have also liked.

♡ Matches: Shows the number of mutual likes between you and other uses

♡ Hot or Not: Suggested Matches based on your search filters.

♡ Chat rooms: Join other online users in the various Chat rooms for a conversation. Bear in mind that whatever you write is seen by other members of the Chat room. 

♡ Profile Visitors: Shows the number of users who have seen you profile page.

♡ Street Chat: Join other users in the streets for more fun chats.

♡ Games: Join and compete with others users in exciting game lounges.

♡ 3d City: Join other users in a real time location for a 3rd generation chat.

♡ Private Profile Access: List of users you have granted access to view your private pictures.

♡ Blocked: List of users you have blocked from seeing your profile and contacting you.

Sending a message to a member who you have not sent or received messages from before will cost you Credits (Ghanachats is new and rolling on a free trial at the moment ). These Credits are internal credits that you can either earn or buy. If the other member sends the first message, you reply back for free, and any messages after that will be free. Usually, it costs 10 Credit to open a dialogue. If someone is very popular, we increase the cost to open new dialogues with that member. This is to prevent the member from getting too many messages and feeling spammed.

In many other dating services, you get a LOT of messages, either fake from the system or from members. Here, that problem does not exist because we base the payment for using the dating service on spending Credits when opening new message dialogues.

In the message system, you receive messages in your inbox. From there you can delete them by clicking on the message, a trash can will appear followed by a dialogue box to delete.



Membership and Credits

☆You spend internal Credits when you want your profile to appear at the top of all search results. 

☆Membership is a voluntary subscription/upgrade that gives you VIP membership and access to more features within the site.


How Credits Work


To be able to quickly pay for the services this community offers, we have introduced Credits. For your convenience, these Credits are available to you whenever and wherever you are, it's easy to top up your credit using mobile money or credit card.

You can earn Credits. That makes it fully possible to use this social community absolutely for free, a unique feature not offered by most other dating service.


Buy Credits

You can buy Credits whenever you want. If you buy a large batch of Credits, each Credit will cost less than if you buy a few.


VIP Membership



Upgrade your account and get 8 super benefits!

To use paid features, the user must purchase a subscription

☆3DCity a wonderful live experience - Chat with your friends and meet new people in a real 3D environment!
☆Advanced match search options - Search by attractiveness, body type, personality, and more! Now you can even search matches by how they’ve publicly answered their questions.
☆See who likes you - Get the full list of people who like you. We’ll also point them out on the Visitors page.
☆Browse profiles invisibly - No one will know if you’ve visited their profile, unless you want them to.
☆Message read receipts - Sometimes it’s nice to know that your message was seen. If you’re upgraded, we’ll let you know.
☆Kill the ads - This means faster page loads, fewer distractions, and less brainwashing.
☆Audio Chat - Want to have long phone converstations? Use the audio chat feature!
☆Video Chat - Chat with your friends using the webcam!